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Glimpses and Lists

Inspired by Sarah Andersen’s post on YA Love, I’m sharing a shot of my home library, looking appropriately creepy in time for Halloween. This does not include the stacks of books in the living room, and that little book cubby in the office — but it’s a glimpse!


And here is my Currently Reading stack, which is full of suspense and wonder:


This includes a fair amount of epic fantasy, with The Queen of the Tearling, Death Sworn, and Falling Kingdoms. But we’ve also got some beautiful mystery in The Secret Place, and pride of place goes to Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Alas, you may note the 14-day sticker on some of these that dictate the demands of the Library Gods. But don’t worry, I’m already halfway through Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

And yes. It is as good as you’d hoped.

Happy Halloween to all you wandering spirits.


2 comments on “Glimpses and Lists

  1. Sarah @ YA Love
    October 31, 2014

    Great book stacks! 🙂


    • kdags
      November 1, 2014

      Thanks! I love your blog, and I always enjoy seeing other people’s libraries 😉


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