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Reading Update: On the Shelf

I have a range of books I’m currently attacking, but they’re all more or less mid-way — which means no updates on the review front yet. But here’s a quick snippet of impressions for each:



Humans and dragons share an uneasy peace — one that’s threatened by the gruesome death of Prince Rufus. In the growing turmoil, a girl who’s made it her life’s work to go unnoticed might just find herself at the center of it all, as two races balance on the knife’s edge of war. Unique and deft sketching of a different sort of dragon, with a heroine who’s a fascinating blend of cool logic, pragmatism, and musical passion.


The Darkest Part of the Forest

Hazel and Ben grew up knowing the dangers of faery; you wouldn’t survive in Fairfold otherwise, which explains why tourists often disappear on their visits to the “charmed” township. But now locals are starting to fall prey to the Folk, the prince in the glass coffin appears to have awoken, and Hazel just might have made a bargain that’s more than she can bear. Beautiful prose and a glimpse into many secret worlds, from the world of magic to the world of siblings, this story has an eternal resonance that reminds me of all the best coming-of-age fantasies, from Bridge to Terabithia to E.T.


Golden Son

Darrow is in the heart of Gold Society, after proving himself in the Institute. But the war games are over now, and Darrow will soon realize that the stakes are far higher than he ever imagined. He must strike at the heart of power before he is discovered — but now, enemies and allies alike have become equally deadly. Much heavier on the action, this suffers somewhat in thematic development; the revelations are coming fast and hard, but without much time to absorb their full impact. We’ll see if the pace levels with the action — the scope is far greater in this novel, so there’s the potential for some big payoffs.


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